Entomological Analyses

Expertise/ technical assistance concerning forest diseases:

-field observations concerning:

– the natural setting in which the forest or ornamental plants affected by diseases are developing;

– establishing the health condition of the seedlings and trees;

– monitoring the health condition of forest plants;

– phyto-pathological laboratory analyses concerning:

– identifying the pathological agents of forest and ornamental woody plants;

– establishing the nutritional or physiological diseases (caused by pollutants or different abiotic factors) of forest and ornamental plants.


Technical assistance activity in the Entomology field:

– establishing the insects that are harmful for different resinous and broad-leaved species from nurseries, osieries, plantations, direct seedings, natural regenerations and stands. These insects are attacking different organs of the plants- roots, stems, leafs, buds, stalks, fruits;

– pointing out and identifying the harmful agents on the field and realizing laboratory analyses in order to establish the forecast harmful elements for forest species;

– establishing the integrated combat measures of the stem resinous harmful agents in the areas affected by natural calamities such as windfalls and wind breaks or snow, forest fires, landslides, etc;

– following the evolution of the population’s dynamic of some dangerous resinous defoliators (the spruce’s harry caterpillar, the fir’s Tortrix, the spruce’s and pine’s wasp etc.) in order to signal in useful time the apparition of gradations and applying efficient combat measures;

– participating at the elaboration of statistic and prognosis documentations for the harmful agents.