Seed Analysis

Within the Laboratory for the analysis of forest seeds quality lots from ICAS Braşov there are realized analyses compliant to SR 1908/2004 (that is compliant to ISTA norms). Analyses quality reports for the analyzed forest seeds lot quality are released. They contain the following elements:

– the purity of the analyzed lot;

– the germination degree (through the physiological method) or viability (through the biochemical method with tetrazolium);

– the cultural value;

– the weight of 100 seeds;

– the number of seeds for kg;

– the number of germination/viable seeds at kg.

If requested, analyses for the humidity of the seed’s lot can also be realized. For the lots that are kept in the Conservation and Processing Resinous Seeds Center from ICAS Braşov, the humidity analyses are realized before the processing and storage phases of a seed’s lot.