Ornamental Trees

In the year 1981 a new wing was inaugurated that was necessary for the forest genetic investigations, as well as for a new greenhouse that was affected by specific experiments.

In the year 2002 the performance of the greenhouse was reestablished after some repairs. The greenhouse was equipped with the technique necessary for the production of some ornamental forest species of particular interest and that present a high degree of difficulty in reproduction.

The investigations (conducted by eng. Dinca Maria) were accomplished together with a micro production activity realized in collaboration with O.S.E. Sacele and O.S.E. Mihaiesti. The main objectives of these investigations were:

• experimenting some culture variants from cuttings by using multiple nutrient substratum and some rooting incentives;

• establishing the best period for harvesting the cuttings and establishing the culture techniques based on the type of species;

• the culture of some ornamental plants from seeds, including seeds that were subdued to some sleep cutoff treatments in controlled humidity and temperature conditions;

• transplanting of the material produced in O.S.E. Sacele and Mihaiesti nurseries.


Seedlings from the following species were obtained by cuttings:

• Buxus sempervirens

• Campsis radicans

• Cephalotaxus harringtonia

• Juniperus communis ssp. nana

• Juniperus Sabina var. cupressifolia

• Juniperus horizontalis

• Juniperus media pfitzeriana

• Juniperus virginiana

• Kerria japonica

• Ligustrum vulgare

• Spirea x vanhouttei

• Taxus baccata

• Thuja occidentalis var. globossa and var. fastigiata

• Thuja plicata

• Weigella florida


Seedlings from the following species were obtained by seeds:

• Abies concolor

• Abies nordmaniana

• Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

• Crataegus pensylvanica

• Evodia hupehensis

• Magnolia x soulangiana

• Magnolia macrophylla

• Magnolia obovata

• Picea pungens

• Pinus mugo

• Prunus avium

• Pseudotsuga menziesii

• Sorbus torminalis

• Staphyllea pinnata

• Taxodium distichum

• Thuja orientalis

• Viburnum lantana

• Viburnum rhitidophyllum

• Wisteria sinensis